Covid-19 Updates Services resume May 31: 9am (high risk persons) & 10:30am. Online services will continue.

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community groups:

All of our community groups have been converted to digital gatherings and will continue to meet weekly via Zoom. If you are not currently in a group, please fill out the interest form below and we will contact you to find the right group.

The winter brochure is linked in the button below, but more groups may be forming and meeting times remain fluid.

Community group guides:

For the week of 5/24 – 5/30

Sermon Title: The People of God

Sermon Text: 1 Peter 2:4-10

Ice breaker question(s): Are you nervous/excited for the church to begin regathering? How are you processing it?

1. Read 1 Peter 1:4-10. In verse 4, Peter describes the Christian as coming to "the living stone." How would you explain the meaning of this statement?

2. Take a few moments to reflect on/discuss the contrast between believers and unbelievers in vv. 5-8. What encourages you in these verses? What challenges you?

3. Look at the description of God's people in vv 9-10. Each phrase is packed full of meaning. Take a minute to discuss how Peter portrays the church.