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"Peter's Denials"

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This week's message:

Series: The Gospel of John

Sermon: "Peter's Denials"

Text: John 18:15-18, 25-27

1. A one time “decision” for Jesus does not guarantee a lifetime faithfulness.

2. The fear of man presents a major stumbling block to following Jesus.

3. Our failures do not define our future.

Community Group Guide:

My story:

  1. Have you ever felt like you let someone down? What happened? How does that feel?


2. Following Jesus is difficult at times. Have you ever struggled to openly admit your allegiance to Jesus in front of others? 


3. What is the one thing that inspired or challenged you the most in this week’s message?

digging deeper:

  1. Read John 18:15-18. How does Peter respond to the girl’s question? What had Jesus told Peter earlier that night in the upper room? Read John 13:37-38.


Read John 18:25-27. How many times does Peter deny Jesus? How does Mark’s account of Peter’s denial compare to John’s account? Read Mark 14:66-72. 



2. Why do you think Peter denied Jesus? What are some of the reasons people who claim to believe in Jesus deny Him today?


Read Matthew 10:26-33. What does Jesus say here that makes denying Him a serious sin?  



3. Peter denies Jesus while standing around a charcoal fire. What does Peter do while standing around another charcoal fire later in John’s Gospel? Read John 21:9-17. 


What does the tale of these two charcoal fires tell you about the grace of God to restore people?